Solar Power

In December 2010 we finished the installation and commissioning of our new solar photovoltaic electrical system on the roof of our main facility. The system is sized at 80.96 kW and contains a total of 352 solar panels occupying the east and west slopes of the roof.

The array is estimated to produce 87,049 kilowatts annually, meeting approximately 53% of our current electrical demand. This annual production is enough to power eight average sized homes.

We are excited to contribute towards the goal of energy independence and are proud to be investing in an environmentally friendly and sustainable technology. We would like to thank KW Management out of Nashua NH for the development and installation of this system. We would also like to thank USDA Rural Development and the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission for helping us fund this project.

We invite you to click on the link to the left to see our slide show containing pictures of the array. We also welcome you stop by in person to see how the system works.