Kubota Z Series Mowers

Homeowners and lawn care professionals want the same thing: A high-output, extremely maneuverable mower that also has the endurance to stand up to the rigors of regular use. No matter how much mower you need, we have an option in the Kubota Z series that’s right for you.

And our most maneuverable mowers might also be our most comfortable. With mower decks ranging from 42 inches to 60 inches and engines reaching 21.5 horse power to 32.5 horsepower, the Kubota Z series can handle any terrain comfortably while giving you all the advantages of a zero-turn mower. 

Read below to see our current Z Series offers and see what Townline can do for you.


If you’re in the market for a new mower or simply want to learn more about pricing and what’s available, stop by one of our stores on Route 12A in Plainfield New Hampshire or on US Route 7 in Pittsford Vermont. You can also call Drew, Eric,or Spencer at 603-675-6347 or TJ at 802-483-6464 or email them at drew@townlineequipment.com , eric@townlineequipment.com, spencer@townlineequipment.com or tj@townlineequipment.com

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Z SERIES ZERO TURN MOWERS**: 1.99% A.P.R. financing for up to 48 months on select Z Series zero turn mowers and from now until March 31st, 2018, we're offering special promotional pricing on most zero turn mowers, call either of our stores for details.


Local family owned and operated, we offer professional, friendly, and reliable customer service. We take your investment seriously and work hard to make sure that you enjoy your new Kubota and that your ambitions for your property come true. Put simply: our goal is to provide you with the best equipment ownership experience. When you purchase a new Kubota mower from us, we’ll help you find the right machines for your property. We’ll provide you with all of the financing and cash discount options available, walk you through insurance requirements, warranty options, service and maintenance requirements and options and answer any other questions or concerns that you might have. 

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Hours: 7:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday, 7:00am - 12:30pm Saturday

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Pittsford Vermont Store:

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